Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18

About Daddy

About Daddy is a daughter's harrowing journey into her father's past. A novel examining the legacy of distrust and communal strife that continues to haunt India. It is a new and unusual work on contemporary India.  --amazon--

Admit One
Allison Hawbaker has spent the past year putting back the pieces of her shattered life. Recovering from both family crisis and personal tragedy, Allie throws herself into building a business with her childhood best friend while trying to put the past behind her. Part of Allie’s past is British thespian Mason Armitage, the man she fell for and rebuffed a year ago. Now Mason’s back, and Allie’s in danger of losing her heart again. When she and Mason stumble across a grave robbery in progress, it causes a chain reaction that puts Allie in the crosshairs of criminal conspirators. Because sometimes the past won’t stay buried – literally. Sweetwater. Small town. Big secrets.--amazon--

Aluminum Dreams
Aluminum shaped the twentieth century. It enabled high-speed travel and gravity-defying flight. It was the material of a streamlined aesthetic that came to represent modernity. And it became an essential ingredient in industrial and domestic products that ranged from airplanes and cars to designer chairs and artificial Christmas trees. It entered modern homes as packaging, foil, pots and pans and even infiltrated our bodies through food, medicine, and cosmetics. In Aluminum Dreams, Mimi Sheller describes how the materiality and meaning of aluminum transformed modern life and continues to shape the world today.    --amazon--

The Art Instinct

The Art Instinct combines two of the most fascinating and contentious disciplines, art and evolutionary science, in a provocative new work that will revolutionize the way art itself is perceived. Aesthetic taste, argues Denis Dutton, is an evolutionary trait, and is shaped by natural selection. It's not, as almost all contemporary art criticism and academic theory would have it, "socially constructed." ...--amazon--

...Spanning forty years that include corruption and transformation, turmoil and progress,Believer takes readers behind the closed doors of politics even as it offers a thrilling call to democratic action. Axelrod’s Believer is a powerful and inspiring memoir enlivened by the charm and candor of one of the greatest political strategists in recent American history.  .--amazon--

Blood in West Virginia
The Lincoln County feud was one of the most sensational events that occurred in the Southern Appalachian Mountains prior to 1900. Arising out of personal grievances between two prominent residents in a rough-and-tumble West Virginia timber town, it quickly escalated into a struggle for supremacy between business competitors and political rivals. During its hey-day, between September 1889 and May 1890, the feud commanded headlines in newspapers all over the country. Journalists, anxious to please an American audience hungry for news of mountain feuds, investigated the trouble, groped to acquire facts, and printed stories both long and short...--amazon--

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