Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nov 13

Degas' ballet dancers

This vividly colored amazing 89 images from Degas' much-loved scenes of ballet performers,  

An illustrated look at the life and work of the great impressionist painter presents reproductions of his work and discusses his influence on the art world, his personal life, his love of opera, and his famous friends. Original.

Doctored : the disillusionment of an American physician 

  Provoked by his unsettling experiences, Jauhar has written an introspective memoir that is also an impassioned plea for reform. With American medicine at a crossroads, Doctored is the important work of a writer unafraid to challenge the establishment and incite controversy.   --amazon--

Fatal flaws

Fatal Flaws: Navigating Destructive Relationships With People With Disorders of Personality and Character is a compelling volume that provides the essential information and a realistic sense of the clinical experience required to inform, orient, and support novice mental health professionals and seasoned practitioners alike as they face the ongoing challenges of treating patients or clients with personality or character disorders. It should also prove to be an invaluable resource for those who wish practical and effective help in understanding and changing their destructive relationships with people who have severe and persistent disorders of personality and/or character.  --amazon--


Breathtaking color photos capture the glistening beauty of gemstones from around the world--stones used for jewelry and magical rites as far back as 20,000 years ago. Published in cooperation with the British Museum of Natural History.


The life, times and art of Rembrandt / text by Mario Lepore.

From his birth in Leyden in 1606 to his death in Amsterdam sixty-three years later Rembrandt never left his native country, and yet he is internationally renowned as an artist uniquely capable of conveying a deep understanding of humanity in all its forms.


Lovesick : modernist plays of same-sex love, 1894-1925 

Lovesick brings together six plays, each with individual introductions, including an author biography and a production history. The editor provides a contextual introduction to the volume offering valuable information about the ancestry of gay theatre and queer performance.
The anthology reveals how 'sexual deviance' made its way into the drama of this time, and also how homosexual playwrights used comic or lyrical devices in order to celebrate a 'superior sensibility'.  --amazon--

Monet's years at Giverny : beyond Impressionism.

At his country house, Monet planted flower gardens, built bridges and trellises, and cultivated the renowned water-lily pond -- all of which became the subjects of his great series paintings. Traces Monet's development from master Impresssionist painter to herald of 20th-century abstraction. 81 color plates. 9" x 10 1/2". Hardcover, 182 pages.


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