Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sept 26 DVDs

Alex Cross

...  special effects were impressive and the movie raced along keeping everyone on the edge of their seats until the conclusion, which was an obvious set up for a sequel. Yes, I enjoyed the movie, but as a fan of James Patterson's Cross books from the very first one I was disappointed that some of the main characters, who seem like old friends, were changed: Cross' childhood buddy... Amazon

Anna Karenina 
 ... this movie really isn't for everyone and that's totally OK. It's a bold movie with a bold style that not everyone will like and that certainly hasn't been done before. Even though I enjoyed the way it was filmed, it did have some limitations.    Amazon  Phantom bookworm


 Any day now

 The main characters form a serious relationship ridiculously quickly. The drag queen character with the annoying Queens accent who can't even pay his rent decides to take in a Downs Syndrome boy. The main characters have known each other--what,a week?--and decide to move in together and parent the mentally handicapped boy, and proceed to make home movies of their new, instant family.    Amazon



...  we learn that Miller has all kinds of business and relationships issues/problems, and in fact each of these problems...  it appears that Miller's firm is mysteriously short $412 million just at a time when the firm is about to be sold at a large profit. Miller borrows the funds to cover up the hole, but that puts only more pressure on him as the lender now wants the loan repaid...     Amazon  Paul Allaer


...  this is a terrific, tense and rousing historical drama, the likes of which we don't get to see often enough anymore these days. In fact, the whole movie experience feels like the movie was made in the late 70s... Amazon 

Black Rock

Three young women - Sarah (Kate Bosworth), Abby (Katie Aselton) and Lou (Lake Bell) - get together for a private campout at one of the iconic settings of their childhood, an empty island off the coast of Maine, to renew their bond of sisterhood. They quickly learn, though, that the island is anything but empty, when they encounter three men, who have come to the island to hunt. A misunderstanding quickly turns to tragedy, and the three women soon find themselves the targets of the hunt. What started as a simple playdate to recall old times is now a race for survival.

Bourne Legacy

 If you like violence, then this movie is for you. Lots of karate and guns, lots of techno-jargon, lots of cool military toys and plenty of good old american C.I.A. covert operations.  D. Hobson  Amazon 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

books - Sept 24

The story line contains the elements that have made the renowned author so beloved. Fans of Ms. Christie and anyone who enjoys a featherbrained English amateur sleuth will fully enjoy this tale that shows Charles Osborne fully understands the grandmistress of mystery.

 Blind Justice

[An] engrossing page-turner . . . There’s no one better at using words to paint a scene and then fill it with sounds and smells than Anne Perry.”—
The Boston Globe
Bad Monkey
 Whenever it seems as if he might be running out of oxen to gore, Hiaasen comes up with fresh victims for his killing wit. [He is] Florida’s most entertainingly indignant social critic . . . Outlandish events soar on the exuberance of Hiaasen’s manic style, a canny blend of lunatic farce and savage satire.”
—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review