Monday, November 5, 2012

November 2

 Now Available at Scarborough Library 

 Art for Life
By offering practical ideas for revealing the meaning and relevance of art to humanity, this text helps art students become effective art teachers. Unlike most art pedagogy texts, Art for Life offers a holistic approach to the art curriculum, through classroom illustrations and comprehensive art content, engaging to art students today. -amazon-

    The Chez Franc̦ois Cookbook 

...It combines traditional French cooking with surprising and delicious ingredients. Franois Haeringer and his son, Jacques, have captured the flavor of Alsace in the hills outside Washington, D.C., home of L'Auberge Chez Franois, acclaimed "Best Restaurant in Washington" for fifteen straight years by readers of The Washingtonian magazine. -Amazon-

Civil Rights Under Reagan
Civil Rights Under Reagan'" is a masterful look at race relations and policy in America. Polls on racial attitudes show that the vast majority of Americans - including black Americans - believe our system should be color-blind.  more  - Google Books

 Contemporary Issues in Art Education
  An anthology based on contemporary art issues being addressed in the art world, in critical theory, in education and in art education, Contemporary Issues in Art Education provides a complex of conceptual frameworks within three sections—theoretical frameworks, content, and pedagogical strategies. ... - Amazon-


Criticizing Photographs                

      ... it is a book about ideas and the ways in which the ideas which are normally attributed to art in general are applied to photography specifically. Although the book is very well written this is NOT a work of original scholarship ( I mean that in a good way), rather it is a relatively quick and, I think, complete summary of photographic history and thought that would find little disagreement in academic circles. - Amazon-

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