Thursday, November 15, 2012

Books 11/15

November 15, 2012 Arrivals
Newly arrived Books at Scarborough Library; click the title for the location in the library.

A brief text that gets students thinking analytically.
Based on the Full Edition of American Government: Power and Purpose but with a simpler framework, the Brief Edition combines authoritative, concise coverage of the central topics in American politics with smart pedagogical features designed to get students thinking analytically. The Twelfth Edition has been extensively revised by new co-author Stephen Ansolabehere and updated with new pedagogy.  -Amazon-


The American Republic:
 Primary Sources
A straightforward presentation of texts ranging from governmental charters to veto messages and the fifth Lincoln-Douglas debate, The American Republic is unvarnished with commentaries or interpretations; it is exclusively a collection of the primary sources themselves, leaving the reader to draw conclusions as he or she sees fit. The American Republic is an excellent and very welcome addition to American History reference shelves.  -Amazon-

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, 1986
                             NO  reviews 

The Campaign Manager:
   Running and Winning Local Elections
Featuring invaluable insight from an expert author, The Campaign Manager offers the most comprehensive guide for organizing, funding, publicizing, and winning local political campaigns.  -Amazon-

Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue

 CTD promotes all analytical and interpretive approaches that are appropriate for the scholarly study of teaching and curriculum. In fulfillment of this mission, CTD addresses a range of issues across the broad fields of educational research and policy for all grade levels and types of educational programs. -Amazon-

....Now, with this timely and definitive volume, readers can finally cut through the clamor, read the the very best writings from each side of The Digital Divide, and make more informed decisions about the presence and place of technology in their lives.

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